News Culhwch ac Olwen
Culhwch ac Olwen 15/12/17
The primary pupils enjoy watching the Culhwch ac Olwen pantomime. - click here

Christmas Lunch 2017
Christmas Lunch 14/12/17
The pupils enjoying their christmas lunch! - click here

Tren Bach Llanberis 06/12/17
Pupils in Madog class enjoying themselves on the train in Llanberis. 06.12.17. - click here

Cnicht Class Anti Bullying Activities 15/11/17
Cnicht class have been discussing different types of bullying, and the effect it has on people. Using two apples, the pupils and staff said lovely things to one apple, but was horrible to the other - verbally as well as throwing it about. We could see from the inside of the apple the effect that bullying has although everything seems fine on the outside. - click here

Glasfryn 13/07/17
Pupils from Madog class enjoying themselves on their school trip to Glasfryn. - click here

Y Lliwedd Class Trip 13/07/17 (Welsh only available...)
Dyma ddosbarth Y Lliwedd yn mwynhau ar y trip, fuon ni ar y tren bach o Borthmadog i Tan y Bwlch, cael picnic a mynd am dro wrth afon Llyn Mair. Fyny a ni wedyn i Llechwedd i fynd o amgylch y chwareli yn y lori the Quarry Explorer. Diwadd pnawn aethom i Cell B i wylio y ffilm "Sing". Lawr i Llanffestiniog wedyn i westy moethus Seren i aros noson, cawsom groeso gan bawb. Pawb wedi cysgu drwy'r nos a cael llond bol o frecwast cyn cael gweithdy celf. - click here

Cycle Power Open Day 06/06/17
To view more information - click here

Lions of Zulu Land 11/05/17 (Welsh only available...)
Daeth Lions of Zulu Land ir ysgol heddiw yr holl ffordd o De Affrica.Cawsom lawer o hwyl mewn gwahanol weithdai drwy'r dydd. - cliciwch yma

Strydoedd Aberstalwm 04/05/17 (Welsh only available...)
Cafodd dosbarth Lliwedd wrando ar gan Aberstalwm bore ma, Alun Sbardun Huws ysgrifennodd y gan.Can am Benrhyndeudraeth.Aethom am dro o amgylch Penrhyn I chwilio am lefydd a enwi'r yn y gan - click here

Dewiswch eich Dyfodol Hafod Lon 06/03/17 (Welsh only available...)
Dydd Iau 9fed o Fawrth yn Ysgol Hafod Lon - cliciwch yma

Bowlio Deg 26/01/17 (Welsh only available...)
Pawb wedi mwynhau cystadlu yn y Bowlio Deg yn Mhrestatyn.Dod yn nol i'r ysgol efo'r wobr gyntaf. Da iawn pawb!!!
click here to see more photos

Here is a video showing the amazing facilities we have at our new school
Click here to view the video

Not long to wait now 23/09/16
Not long to wait now - here are some photos of the Senior Management Team visiting the school to see the progress. - click here

Celebrating Roald Dahl's 100th Birthday! 13/09/16
Here are the pupils celebrating the 100th birthday of Roald Dahl by dressing up as a character from one of his stories, or by bringing in their favorite story by Roald Dahl. The pupils watched a film in the afternoon, there were three choices - Matilda, James and the Giant Peach or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. We had a fun day to celebrate the amazing work by Roald Dahl. - click here

Parc Erias Bae Colwyn 06/07/16 (Welsh only available)
Aeth disgyblion dosbarth Clogwyn a rhai o ddosbarth Dolwar i parc Erias ym Mae Colwyn i gymeryd mewn cystadleuaethau gwahanol. Cafodd pawb lwyddiant a cawsom ddiwrnod da iawn. - click here

Colwyn Bay Zoo 01/7/2016 (Welsh only available)
Themau tymor yma yw pethau byw. Penderfynodd y plant ei bod eisiau mabwysiadu anifeiliaiad or Sw, felly casglodd y plant £160 drwy gasglu sbwriel noddedig. Ar ol casglu'r arian penderfynwyd mabwysiadu Pengwin, arth frown, meerkat a chimp o Sw Fynydd Bae Colwyn. Cafwyd drip I weld yr anifeiliaiad hun a mwy. Mwynhaodd pawb y diwrnod yn fawr iawn. - click here

Dolwar's Visit to 'Y Bont Centre for Education', 24/6/2016
Dolwar class went on a visit to Y Bont to have a music session with Gethin Tomos and the Confucious Institute from Bangor University. The pupils had the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture through movement and dance. - click here

Sports Day 21.06.16
We had a sports day on June 21st. We had three teams - red, white and green. There was strong competition. We had different competitions - shot put, running, wheelchair/frame race, team race, egg on a spoon and bean bags on heads. At the end of the day the red team won, and the captain represented the team and collected the trophy. Congratulations to everybody who took part - click here

EURO 2016 between Wales and England 16.06.16
Big excitement at the school on the afternoon of the 16th where the pupils were watching the football game in the EURO 2016 between Wales and England. Everybody was nervous but excited. Unfortunately it ended in disappointment as England won 2-1 - click here

Coleg Glynllifon 09.06.16
Dosbarth Clogwyn went to Coleg Glynllifon as part of their theme work studies, Animals. They had a fantastic time meeting animals and learning about them. - click here

The Ospreys 29.04.16
Dosbarth Clogwyn visited afon Glaslyn to see the Ospreys this morning - click here

SeaQuarium 22.04.16 (Welsh only)
Aeth dosbarth Clogwyn ir SeaQuarium i Rhyl heddiw fel rhan o'r themau tymor yma, Pethau Byw. Cafodd pawb ddiwrnod da iawn - click here

Cerdd Byw Nawr 20.04.16 (Welsh only)
Dyma ddisgyblion Ysgol Hafod Lon yn mwynhau cyngerdd Cerdd Byw Nawr gan y gitarydd John Nicholas - click here

Trip Dosbarth Clogwyn i Gastell Penrhyn 07.03.16 (Welsh only)
Aeth Dosbarth Clogwyn ar drip i Castell Penrhyn heddiw. Roedd yn ddiddorol iawn gweld sut oedd pobl cyfoethog yn byw ers talwm - click here

World Book Day 03.03.16
We had a great time on World Book Day (3:3:16) with everyone dressing up as their favourite character from a book. Members from the Council asked 5 pupils to read a story of their choice to the classes - click here

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi 01.03.16 (Welsh only)
Dyma ddisgyblion Hafod Lon yn dathlu diwrnod gwyl Ddewi. Roedd pawb wedi gwneud ymdrech dda iawn i wisgo coch heddiw. - click here

Taster week in Dolgellau College - January '16
Here are the classes Hafod and Dolwar, enjoying a taster week in Dolgellau College. They were busy cooking, doing art work, working with wood, building and gardening. A really fun week for all! - click here

Gweithdy celf Seren 29.01.16 (Welsh only)
Cafodd dosbarth Clogwyn groeso mawr yn weithdy celf, Seren ym Mlaenau Ffestiniog.Cawsom wneud tylluanod lliwgar i fynd adref.Aethom am ginio i westy Seren yn Llan Festiniog lle gawsom groeso unwaith eto a bwyd blasus iawn. - click here

Christmas Lunch 18.12.15 (Welsh only)
Disgyblion Ysgol Hafod Lon yn mwynhau eu cinio nadolig! - click here

New Piano
Recently we received a very generous gift from Peter and Lesley Evans, a brand new electric piano! We are looking forward to using it in this year's Christmas Concert. The piano will be an asset to us in the New School, thank you very much! - click here

T4U Charity
Hafod Lon pupils have been busy collecting boxes for the T4U charity.Pupils from Botwnnog school came to collect them with Kim Williams. - click here

Children in Need
Here are some of the pupils celebrating Children in Need by donating money and wearing their own clothes or dressing up as Pudsey. Well done - click here

Uned y Traeth visits Barmouth
These are pictures taken of Uned y Traeth on our trip to Barmouth on the train and our visit to the lifeboat station - click here

Outing to Pen Cob, Pwllheli
Here are the Hafod class on an outing to Pen Cob, Pwllheli. The whole class went to enjoy a bite for lunch. The students each choose and ordered their own meals and everyone had a great time! - click here

Visit from Phil who works for Arriva Wales
These are pictures taken of Uned y Traeth when we had a visit from Phil who works for Arriva Wales. He came to teach us about keeping safe on trains and railways. - click here

Gift from Llanaelhaearn Church
Llanaelhaearn Church have given fruit to our pupils as a gift at Thanksgiving. Here are members of Felin Class showing the fruit and saying thank you - click here

Casglu Bwyd i'r Ffoaduriaid (Welsh only)
Dyma rai o'r disgyblion fu'n helpu i gasglu bwyd ar gyfer y ffoaduriaid yn Calais yn ddiweddar. Casglwyd bron i 300 o eitemau, sydd i gyd erbyn hyn wedi eu dosbarthu i'r ffoaduriaid gan y Crynwyr. Diolch yn fawr iawn i bawb wnaeth helpu drwy ddod ac eitemau i mewn i'r ysgol au pacio i mewn i fagiau pwrpasol - click here

Ymweliad i'r safle Ysgol Newydd
Macmillan Coffee Morning
These are pictures of Hafod class, awlling cakes for the Macmillan coffee morning (18/9/15). Not only did they sell the cakes, but also worked hard baking the delicious sponges. There was also a raffle and a fun competition. The hard work paid off and the morning was a great success, raising £300 for Macmillan - click here

Ymweliad i'r safle Ysgol Newydd
Happy Faces Saves The Day!
Over the years members of the community and friends of the school have been working together to raise funds to buy a new mini bus for the school. Arwel Owen, Edwin Hughes and John Hughes organised a tractor run to raise money, as well as many donations from the local community. When Happy Faces heard about our mini bus fund, they started working on raising money along side Asda arranging car boot sales, grand raffles and concerts. This morning we have finally received our brand new mini bus. Here is a picture of our school council and representatives of the Happy Faces charity and Arwel Owen and John Hughes, our School Governors Chairman Sian Hughes and the headmistress Mrs Donna Rees Roberts - click here

Ymweliad i'r safle Ysgol Newydd
Here are recent photographs showing development of the new school.
They are finishing off the foundation work and have started casting the roof of the main building. The building work is going well and so far is on schedule. Look out for an invitation to an open day coming soon. To see more pictures - click here

Ymweliad i'r safle Ysgol Newydd
A Visit to the New School Site
The School Council have visited the site where the new school is being built. Following this Clogwyn class have been visiting the site to see how it is developing. To see more pictures - click here

Dathlu Llwyddo'n Lleol
Celebrating Llwyddo’n Lleol
Hafod Class have been working with Llwyddo’n Lleol in order to receive grants which enable them to run two businesses – Cardiau Llon and cake making. The class pupils went to Venue Cymru with their produce to display and sell. To see more pictures - click here